What Are You Stitching?

10th May 2024

Clare Muzzatti

‘When I saw Nature’s Delight in Inspirations magazine issue #119, it instantly became my next ‘Inspiration’. I adored the design and how it drew one’s eye around the flowers and insects. A marvellous ode to Summer.’

‘The printed linen arrived promptly in the New Year.

My collection of colourful silks was released for many hours of pure pleasure as each element was tackled.

I was happy to follow my own colour choices and to also leave the beads off. I really enjoyed the size of the flowers and their profusion. The scatter of insects was another joy.’

‘Many thanks for the care and beauty that your magazine brightens my world with!’

This is a wonderful recreation of Colleen Goy’s project, Clare! We love that you made the project your own and that the process was as much a joy as the finished piece. We hope you have somewhere to display it pride of place! 

Nicole Martin

‘I have finally made the Bumblebee by Trish Burr! I bought the kit and pattern the day you re-opened The Bobbin Tree on my way to the airport to return to Brisbane.’

‘A year and a half in the kit stash is quite good for me. It was such a joy to do single thread work after some of my other projects.’

Nicole, your Bumblebee is stunning! We’re so glad you enjoyed the stitching process of your project and hope to see you again should you return to Adelaide and visit us at The Bobbin Tree!

Bunny Goodman

‘Here are some pictures of a small purse I designed and embroidered. I had the purse clasp in my drawer for a while and decided I better do something with it.’

 ‘I am fond of the Elizabethan Bargello outline, so I used that and made small motifs for each Bargello shape. One side of the purse features green leaves with a brown butterfly and on the other side are flowers with a blue and green butterfly.’

‘I used Kreinik #4 Gold in a chain stitch to embroider the Bargello shapes and then used fine Cifonda threads with various embroidery stitches for the motifs.’

‘On the outside of the Bargello shapes I made a diamond shape background with Kreinik #8 white with a white opaque spangle and petite white bead at the intersection to give the purse a bit more bling.’

‘I used a nice pink satin for the interior and stitched the purse clasp to the body with petite beads on the outside and a variegated blue silk ribbon (Rusche) along the inside of the clasp. I had fun.’

What a talent you are, Bunny! Your purse is designed and stitched magnificently. The gold chain stitch looks lovely against the white background, showcasing the many stitches you have mastered. We’re sure you will get both lots of compliments and use out of your pretty purse!

Have you stitched with silk ribbons? Recently finished a project from your stash? Or have stitched yourself a wonderful purse?!

Whatever you are stitching, we’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com 

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