What Are You Stitching?

21st December 2018

At Inspirations we’re beyond busy organising our celebrations for the Christmas and New Year’s Seasons that are all but upon us! Following this theme, this week we’re looking at the stitching of the Inspirations Community that’s been produced with their own celebrations in mind…


‘When I first retired from paid work, I found the life of ‘housewife’ taking over – too much time cleaning, cooking and running errands. I wasn’t keeping up with reading or stitching! So, I made a ‘Needlework Appointment’ with myself every afternoon at 4pm and put it in my phone.’

‘Now I get an alert at 3:55pm every day and am getting so much more needlework done. This is my latest project, Christmas Ornaments from a 1980’s kit I had in my stash. Bonnie Pappin.’

Bonnie, it looks like your Needlework Appointment has served you well as not only have you been working your way through your needlework stash, but you’ve completed the ornaments in time for Christmas!

New Baby

‘My mother taught me knitting and basic embroidery stitches such as Lazy Daisy, Stem Stitch and Cross Stitch when I was just six. I was fascinated with how a needle and different coloured threads could create a picture. Whilst she wasn’t a great needle woman due to not having the time to progress very far, she taught me enough to instil a lifelong passion for all types of needlework.’

‘As I wasn’t allowed to pursue needlework at a further education establishment, I purchased magazines such as Woman’s Weekly which expanded my knowledge of needle and thread. I added Crochet, Counted Cross Stitch and Dress Making to my interests, as well as intricate knitting patterns.’

‘I practiced all kinds of embroidery stitches after purchasing a Reader’s Digest needlework book, although I still have a long list of techniques waiting to be learned! I discovered smocking, then came across the early Inspirations Magazines which were a revelation to me and I’ve been hooked ever since! I have used Jenny McWhinney’s wonderful story of Monet and Archie to create a cot blanket for my granddaughter. Susan Tigwell.’

Susan, what a lovely way to put a life’s worth of stitching practice to good use! Your granddaughter must love snuggling up with Monet and Archie and sharing in their adventures.


Celebrating a season of thanks, Rhonda Dort’s stitching added a personal touch to her Thanksgiving celebrations…

Rhonda, we love that you took the time to add such a personal touch to a special time of the year. No doubt those who celebrated with you gave thanks for the time and talent you poured into your festive stitching!


Inspired by Laura Zukaite’s knitted dress that appeared in Vogue Knitting in Fall 2011, Barbara Bellalta elaborated on the design and created a Wedding Dress for her daughter Esmée…

Barbara, what an incredible labour of love! Esmée’s wedding would have been all the more special for the thought and effort that was poured into creating a piece of wearable art for her significant day.

If you’re celebrating something with stitch, we’d love to share in the celebration! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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