What Are You Stitching?

29th March 2024

Jenni Davill

‘A few years ago, I stitched these for Easter and each season or occasion, I put them out.’

‘I’ve also knitted these birds for grandchildren. There is a plastic eggshell inside the body in which I put money.’

Your Easter ornaments are beautiful, Jenni, we hope you are enjoying another year of stitching joy this weekend! We bet your grandchildren love their money laying birds too!

Cathy Warneke

‘I received the Viewer’s Choice Award at our recent exhibition. I would like to thank you for the great book and kit that was my prize.’

‘I have attached some photos of my bunny. I found him in an op shop and felt he looked a bit naked and needed some cheering up.’

‘I took him home, and with a bit of appliqué and some fun surface stitching he was ‘renewed’.’

The best dressed award goes to… Cathy, your bunny is very worthy of his award. We love the colour combination of thread you have used, and your stitches are magnificent. 

Gwen Dixon

‘I am a fibre artist and adult educator from Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada.’

‘I started stitching spontaneously in 2019. Each project has a theme and was stitched without plan, using only 1-3 words as inspiration.’

‘They are called, ‘Planning a Garden’ (this one was featured in Fiber Art Now Magazine), ‘Spring Nest’, ‘In the Garden’ and ‘In this Together’.’ 

Gwen, your projects are bright, delightful and seem to have a natural flow to them. It just goes to show, however much time we could spend designing and planning sometimes just getting to the stitching will create triumph. 

Do you have seasonal projects to put on display? Have you ‘upcycled’ a second-hand purchase? Have you ever tried spontaneous stitching?

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