What Are You Stitching?

14th April 2023

With the release of Inspirations issue #118 this week, we thought we would take a look at some of the projects our community has stitched from past issues. Which is also a great opportunity to say Thank You! Without the Inspirations Community reading, admiring and stitching all things Inspirations, we wouldn’t be here!

Jeanette Smith

‘Thought I would share one of my embroidered pieces, the  pattern from Inspirations issue #47, Heart’s Desire by Prue Carvell. This is my take on it though. The original was done as a blanket design with tapestry wool, whereas I have used embroidery threads and then framed it. It has awoken my love of embroidery with a few pieces done now.’

‘Due to the heat here in Perth, Western Australia this summer, the thought of crochet and knitting during the heat was a nightmare so I downloaded a few patterns and picked up the needle and thread again and realised just how much I love doing it.’

Jeanette, this is a beautiful rendition of Prue’s original. We love that you have reinvigorated your love for stitching and look forward to seeing what you stitch next!

Elizabeth Anderson

‘Here are some pictures of the ribbon embroidery pattern Splendour from Inspirations issue #64.  I am just waiting on the zipper to finish sewing it together, but I am particularly proud of this one.’

‘When I originally discovered silk ribbon embroidery I was intrigued. I began working with silk threads and ribbons, and was absolutely enthralled with this new form of textile art. I was making one pattern after another, giving them away as gifts, getting them framed and hanging them on my wall; I just kept stitching. 

Embroidery was my joy, how I ended my day, and I looked forward to it during my work hours. I couldn’t wait to get home, make supper for me and my boy, go for a run, then sit down and stitch. I did my embroidery for years.’

‘Then, I hit a wall and just stopped for a number of years. Until recently when I looked up an Inspirations magazine my parents gave me as a gift. The magazine lived up to its name; I was inspired again. I realised how much I missed my embroidery. I found the Splendour pattern and just had to make it. I ordered many of the supplies and began my pattern. I was hooked again. 

I now find myself longing to do more; I want to create my own patterns, my own embroidery art. I have painted for 10 years and now find that I want to expand my creativity beyond oils and explore silk ribbon and threads.

Thank you, Inspirations, for your unrelentingly inspired patterns, kits, and magazines. You are my happy place.’

Elizabeth, we’re so glad you have found your passion for stitching again and shared your kind words with us. You should be very proud of your cushion, it is outstanding.

Karen Fraser

‘I am so inspired by Trish Burr and her creativity.’

‘I have just finished her Bumblebee from the Handpicked range and I embroidered O,Tannenbaum from Inspirations issue #108.’

‘I also did Trish’s Gatsby. So much fun… loved it. There are so many talented creative ladies I get inspiration from, Di van Niekerk, Helen Eriksson, Maureen Christie, Hazel Blomkamp and many more… just not enough time to do it all.’ 

You’ve done a magnificent job of recreating Trish Burr’s designs, Karen. We’re sure whichever designer you choose next will provide more pleasurable hours of stitching.

Have you got a project that got you back into stitching? Do you stitch with silk ribbons? Or do you have a project that brought you the most joy?

Whatever you are stitching, we’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com 

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