What Are You Stitching?

24th February 2023

One of the incredible privileges of working at Inspiration is seeing everyone venture through their stitching journeys. From all over the world, the Inspirations Community continues to delight us with new stories of needle and thread. Along the way we’ve learnt that no passion is too great or too small. Here are a few tales that have graced our inbox…

Joan Kolar

‘I recently finished the Redwork Pincushion & Chatelaine from Margaret Light’s book ‘A Fine Tradition’.  Originally, I was only going to make the pincushion but then decided that the scissor sheath and fob would be nice, so made them as well. I also made a covered tape measure as I thought it would look rather nice with the other pieces.’  

‘Once I had finished them, I was browsing through the book and found the Rosehip Needlecase and decided that it would look really good in the same pattern as the redwork pincushion so, using a portion of the pincushion design, I made a needlecase as well.  

I added a tiny pocket to the inside of the needlecase to store my microneedle threader. Of course, when that was finished, I went back and did the strawberry emery to keep the needles clean and sharp.

I thoroughly enjoyed making all the pieces and will thoroughly enjoy looking at them every time I use them. Thanks Inspirations, for producing such beautiful books, and thanks to Margaret Light for her beautiful designs.’

Redwork! Tiny pockets! Sharp needles! What’s not to love, Joan? You’ve done a wonderful job of recreating the Redwork Pincushion & Chatelaine and we’re sure Margaret Light would be thrilled she inspired you to create two of your own designs to go with it. We look forward to seeing what lovely projects you stitch with your new stunning accessories.

Shoshi Ben Hamo

‘I am a textile artist from Israel and I have been creating for over 40 years. I often go to flea markets and thrift stores to see, feel, pick and collect what I am looking for. I make connections with textile collectors around the world from whom I purchase silk fabrics, lace, beads, buttons and colours. And these are basically my Silk Road.’ 

‘I have a special connection and great love for textiles that come from India, there is no end of colours, shapes and beauty. From India, I buy scraps of silk and sari. The colour and material give me inspiration for my work. My parents were born in Morocco and this is another large part of my influence.

The smells, the colours, the fabrics and the rhythm of the music, are a part of me.

I love going into my studio and just creating. Art is my freedom.’

This is an incredible piece so full of colour and intricate layering. It sounds like you have enjoyed a truly profound stitching journey so far, Shoshi, thank you for sharing your beautiful needlework and your passion with us.

Lynda Douglas

‘I started to cross stitch about 28 years ago when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter. At the beginning of the lockdown, I decided to try something new.

I saw Love Letters by Elisabetta Sforza and thought it would be perfect for my friend Marilyn's birthday.

At first, I was a bit confused as the letters don’t come pre-patterned so you can select and place the flowers as you wish. A few kind words from Andrea, one of the Inspirations team, set me on my path. I used a satin thread from DMC on the satin stitch to give me the glamour I was looking for and outlined it in gold to give some sparkle and definition.’

‘It was a lovely pattern to work with and the range of stitches kept it interesting. I’d like to try some more of Elisabetta’s patterns as I like being able to design what I want!’ 

This a beautiful monogram Lynda. We’re so glad you enjoyed the personalisation aspect of this pattern and maybe found a new passion? The gold outline is a wonderful addition.

Amanda Newby-Fraser

‘Here is a piece I have recently finished. The design features three Russian dolls from large to small. I have so far only managed to stitch the large one.’

Amanda, this is a marvellous design that you have stitched beautifully. The tuffs of thread that appear as golden curly locks on top of the doll’s head gave us a giggle. We look forward to seeing all three once they are complete!

One last thing before we go, last week we featured Lorrie Lafrance’s embroidered ‘ivory-billed woodpecker’ which was inadvertently rotated
the wrong way. Here it is again, this time the right way up!

Have you stitched any Redwork projects? Do you collect materials for future projects as you go? Or have you tried a new stitching technique?

Whatever your stitching story, we’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com 

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