What Are You Stitching?

25th November 2022

From the monochromatic work of Jenny Adin-Christie’s Featured Project, we’re taking a walk to the other end of the colour spectrum as we showcase some of the polychromatic projects from the Inspirations Community.

Desiree Coetzee

‘I hope you’ll share in my excitement with this finished project! This has been a long-term project from many moons ago. It is a Thomas Kinkade piece printed on fabric and then embroidered.’

‘I used various threads like cotton, rayon, silk, wool, perlé and bouclé. I call it a non-challenging fun project just for the love of embroidering!’

Desiree, we love the idea of a project that is just for the love of needle and thread! The myriad of colours used are an absolute delight. You’ve created a garden that would be the pride of any horticulturalist, both amateur and professional alike.

Maddie Loizou

‘I’m a Uni student in England. My embroidery journey started over a year ago now. All of my housemates, except one, had gone home to spend lockdown with their families and the rest of my friends had either done the same or lived across town, so I couldn’t see them due to the stay-at-home rules at the time. So, I took up embroidery to fill the time when I wasn’t working on essays or revising for exams, and I fell in love with it!’

‘I started out making gifts for people, much like this decorative ‘A’ I made for a friend’s birthday. I couldn’t travel back to my hometown to celebrate with her due to COVID restrictions, but at least I could send her something I’d poured part of myself into.

I really enjoyed making this project, and it helped keep me sane in the midst of my dissertation deadline and final year exams. I love the newsletter, it’s a wonderful break in my busy week!’

Maddie, we love that you picked up needle and thread to fill your time during COVID! Your ‘A’ is bright and colourful and was the perfect way to share a little bit of yourself with your friend when you couldn’t be with her in person. We hope you continue to enjoy many hours of stitching joy and that All Stitched Up! will always provide a welcome relief to the pressures of everyday, Uni or otherwise.

Liz Shanks

‘I have recently finished the ‘Enigma’ cardigan from Inspirations issue #12 for our new granddaughter, Maggie May.’

‘I loved knitting the jacket and then found the embroidery fun to complete. I did take liberty with the colour selection though as the original was navy blue, but after nine beautiful grandsons I was done with blue! Thanks so very much for inspiring us to stitch.’

Liz, what a beautiful way to welcome Maggie May into the world. The colour you’ve chosen complements the embroidered flowers perfectly, bringing with it a little bit of spring whenever it’s worn. Cute as a button is how we’d describe the cardigan, and no doubt how you’d refer to Maggie May!

Aurélie Bayol

‘I have been an embroiderer and seamstress for almost 30 years now. My first career was as a Manufacturing Engineer for a range of industries. However, I have recently decided to make a significant change and allow my hobby to become my profession.’

‘I will open an Art Embroidery and Sewing school, La Fabriquery, in the North of France at the end of the year.’

‘In order to overcome my sense of impostor syndrome, I wanted to create pieces that would have a deep impact and make my transition to professional embroidery concrete.’

‘To date I have stitched two pieces – a Haute-Couture and a Goldwork piece. I’m very proud to show you the result of my time with needle and thread.’

Aurélie, the decision to make a career out of your love for needle and thread is so very courageous! The quality of your work speaks for itself and allows no room for any feelings of self-doubt you may have. We wish you every success with La Fabriquery and look forward to watching the school’s progress on your Instagram page

Which end of the colour spectrum do you usually take your needle and thread? Do you prefer the simplicity of monochromatic stitching or perhaps the myriad colour threads available mean you couldn’t possibly choose only a single shade?

Whether it be one, two, three or more colours that fill the stitching you’ve created, we’d love to see it! Simply email a photo of what you’ve crafted along with a few details about your journey with needle and thread to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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