What Are You Stitching?

2nd November 2018

As we officially launch the Inspirations Index 1-100 in this week’s issue of What Are You Stitching?, we thought we’d celebrate some of your stitching that is referenced directly in the index itself.

Project Name Index | Eidelweiss

‘I’ve had a bit of a blitz on finishing some UFOs. I love your magazine and enjoy reading your weekly newsletter, an inspiration to stitchers everywhere!

Although I did some fancy work as a child, then some cross stitch while still at work, it wasn’t until I retired that I learnt to embroider. I hope you like my recently finished work which is a design from Deborah Love. Robyn Tate, Australia.’

Robyn, we love your version of Eidelweiss from Inspirations #86, it’s as elegant and refined as Deborah Love’s original!

Designer Index | Burr, Trish

‘My second attempt at Threadpainting was a Cardinal designed by Trish Burr. I find Threadpainting a very relaxing technique and have several patterns from Inspirations earmarked for future projects. Thank you for publishing such a nice magazine. Judith Peckham, Canada.’

Judith, you’ve captured the detail and character that Trish’s designs are renowned for just perfectly and can’t wait to see what your next attempt at Threadpainting produces!

Project Type Index | Bookmarks

‘While I was disappointed not to be at Beating around the Bush this year, it gave me a little extra stitching time! Yvette Stanton’s new book “Pattern Darning from Norway” has me completely hooked on creating beautiful, colourful designs in darning. My first completed item is a bookmark and I’m well on my way through my second piece. Kate Brown, Australia.’

We missed you at Beating Around the Bush this year Kate! We look forward to seeing what darning is next from your needle and thread and are sure it will be as precisely and beautifully stitched as your bookmark.

Technique Index | Threadpainting

‘I have been stitching all my life, literally since being old enough to be trusted with a needle and scissors. Encouraged by my mother, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t make things. In fact, if I had spent less time stitching and more time on my homework, I may have gone further in life, but I probably wouldn’t have had so much fun! I’m happy as long as I have a needle of some description in my hand. I’ve recently finished my first attempt at Threadpainting, with great help from my excellent tutor, Beppy. It is now framed and waiting for a space on my walls. Jenny Whiteside, UK.’

We think all those years spent with needle and scissors has been time well spent because Jenny that is a spectacular first attempt at Threadpainting! Your fine stitches and careful attention to shading has created a picture-perfect flower.

Can you find a piece you’ve created with needle and thread referenced directly in the Inspirations Index Issues 1-100? We’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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