What Are You Stitching?

7th October 2022

As we were preparing our ‘Final Call’ for Inspirations issue #115 for this week’s issue of the newsletter, we realised just how many projects from past issues of the magazine have been completed by the Inspirations Community and are waiting to be shared in our What Are You Stitching? files. Although we can’t possibly fit them into a single issue of the newsletter, we’ll make a good start this week!

Amy Green

A few months ago, Elisabetta Sforza’s Pane di Casa was shared in All Stitched Up! and I fell in love with it! Although I’m mostly a knitter and have never made anything like it before, I immediately bought the pattern and some linen.’

While I really loved Elisabetta’s red poppies and blue flowers, I was making this for my son, so I revised the pattern to include his favourite blue thistle, some red berries and a small tassel in place of the bow. He bakes bread all the time, so I hope he’ll use this as intended.

I certainly learned a lot of new techniques and really love how it turned out.

I enjoyed working on it so much I’m thinking of starting another one. Thank you for the weekly inspiration!

Amy, swapping your knitting needles for an embroidery needle has indeed served you well! Not only have you done an incredible job of recreating Pane di Casa, but you’ve truly made it your own by revising the design with your son in mind. Never a more personal or beautiful bag will your son’s bread be stored in!

Henrietta Gotts

‘When I saw June Godwin’s ‘Rustle of Winter’ available as a digital pattern, I was immediately intrigued. I have always wanted to render embroideries based on watercolours and this one fitted the bill. I painted a slightly wrinkled muslin ground fabric and gathered all the threads after converting them to DMC. I slightly modified some of the colours based on what I had in my stash. I also made the mouse slightly smaller and rounder and I think he is adorable! I’m happy with how this piece turned out.’

Henrietta, you have right to be pleased with how this piece turned out. You’ve done a beautiful job of stitching Rustle of Winter, and we’re with you, the mouse is simply adorable!

Josette Belanger

‘I am a fan of your beautiful magazine which has inspired me for several years now. Over the last few months, I stitched ‘Sakura’ by Margaret Lee.’

‘I made it with the beads I had to hand, taking some liberties with the original colours. I love his technique! Thanks to Inspirations and Mrs Lee.’

Josette, the liberties you took with Margaret’s original colour palette make your purse one of a kind! We love that you enjoyed the beading so much and look forward to seeing what you create next.

Lucie Duguay

‘I’ve finally finished ‘Mountain Oak’ and am quite happy with the result seeing as  it’s my first attempt at crewelwork.’

‘I had to change the design of one of the hillocks as after a few attempts, I couldn’t achieve the weaving as published. I think it still looks good and am ready for the next project!’

Lucie, we would never have guessed this was your first attempt at crewelwork! We love that you adapted the original design of the hillock to suit your needle and thread and that Anna Scott’s design has inspired you onto further projects.  

Have you created something from the pages of Inspirations magazine that you’re yet to share with us? Not only do we love to see what you create with needle and thread, but know the designers also love to see their work recreated by the Inspirations Community.

Whether you’ve created a project that’s picture perfect to the original or have adapted it to make it truly your own, we’d really love to see it! Simply email photos of what you’ve created with needle and thread along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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