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9th September 2022

Although many people love stitching blankets for babies, there are so many other people you can stitch a beautiful blanket for. Cashmere or wool blankets are perfect for any kind of design, from animals to flowers. Our readers have always loved stitching blankets and we’ve always loved seeing everyone’s creations. Here are a few more that caught our eye.

Liz Shanks

‘I wanted to share a baby blanket that I stitched for my new grandchild who was born last December. The blanket is cot-sized, so it could be used even in winter.’

‘The design was based on Carolyn Pearce’s Purity from Inspirations issue #40. However, I must admit that I also love Jenny McWhinney’s animals as they are always so playful.

Each grandchild has their own blanket that have all been well used. The eldest is 21 now so I did have them all nicely spaced – there are 11 grandchildren all together!’

You have been very busy making blankets, Liz! If all the grandchildren received a blanket as beautiful as this one, it is no wonder they have been well used and well-loved. Your stitching is just exquisite.

Kate Ballenger

‘I wanted to share a project with you that I have finally finished. I began it about 20 years ago. What with life’s interruptions, work commitments and the blanket being a woollen, winter-only project, it has been a long-term project, but one very close to my heart.’

‘It is Bouquet of Flowers from Inspirations issue #29 by Carolyn Pearce.  After using Carolyn’s colours for the first few pansies, I decided to incorporate my own colours into the design and am very happy with the outcome – and the fact that it is finally finished!’

You should be very proud on both counts, Kate. It must be wonderful to finally enjoy the finished blanket after 20 years, as well as to admire your creativity and colour choices. We’re also rather smitten with your furry companion who seems to appreciate your blanket as much as we do!

Angela Sprott

‘Having loved embroidered baby blankets for a long time, the impending arrival of a granddaughter has finally given me a reason to make one. It has been a delight to stitch, and hopefully it will still be chilly enough for her to use here in Brisbane, Australia when she finally arrives!’

We’re sure she’ll love it no matter what the weather, Angela. This is a gorgeous heirloom project that is guaranteed to be treasured as your granddaughter grows.

Joanne Lebrun

‘Here is a picture of a blanket that I stitched for my grandchild. I used a couple of cat designs by Trish Burr, enlarged them and then worked them completely differently so they fit on the blanket. I hope you like it!’

This is a fantastic project, Joanne. Trish’s cats look just perfect on the blanket, which we are sure is going to be loved for many years. Trish will be thrilled to see what you have done with her designs,

Do you love stitching blankets? Are you always excited to learn of the impending arrival of a new grandchild or baby, as it means you can get all your blanket patterns out and decide which one to do next? Do you stitch blankets merely because you love them, telling everyone you’re doing it in anticipation of the arrival of grandchildren? 

Whatever it is you love to stitch, we would love to see it. Send us a picture of your work with a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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