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26th October 2018

Our team pours a significant amount of effort into each of our publications and it makes it all the more worthwhile when we know they’re so well received.

One of the ways we know we’ve pleased the crowds is when we see the projects brought to life through the needles and threads of the Inspirations Community.

This week’s What Are You Stitching? celebrates such projects…

Home Sweet Home

Lesley Ball and Linda Clarke

‘I started Home Sweet Home by Carolyn Pearce in September 2017 and have been doing this project along with my sister which has been great fun. My sister, Linda Clarke, stuck to the pattern and followed it precisely.’

‘I know I may never be as good an embroiderer as Carolyn as I have only been embroidering for two years, but I decided not to stress about it, do my own take on her idea and use my garden as inspiration.’

‘My sister and I are now working on the pin cushions and items to go inside the house. Lesley Ball, UK.’


‘I’m writing from La Hestre which is a small village in Belgium. Each of us from my embroidery class, which is led by our 88-year-old teacher, have embroidered Carolyn Pearce’s Home Sweet Home.’

 ‘The pattern was enlarged a little and we have spent the best part of the last year completing the project. Our class meets just twice a month, so we all had to embroider at home to get it completed. We are all fans of Inspirations Magazine. Best regards, Marie-Anne.’

Pat Willoughby

‘A friend had Carolyn’s Home Sweet Home book, so I tracked one down for myself and made the embroidered workbox.’

‘My friends raved over it and said it would make a great 21st gift for granddaughters, so four friends and I got together once a week and all made them!

‘There are 11 houses all together, and I have made five of the eleven. It took us a year, but we had a great time making them. Pat Willoughby.’

Lesley, Linda, Marie-Anne and Pat, Home Sweet Home is a labour of love and you’ve taken on the challenge of such an involved project with both patience and perseverance. The results are breathtaking and we love that no two houses are quite the same.

Home Sweet Home & Spring Delights

Kathryn Jakubovic

‘In issue #146 of your newsletter HERE you asked for photo submissions of works in progress, so I’ve plucked up courage to send you some of mine. The projects I’m working on are both Inspirations designs: the Home Sweet Home Workbox by Carolyn Pearce and the Rose Pouch design from Inspirations #98, Spring Delights. I have wanted to make the workbox for several years and having got my hands on a copy of the book and gathered all the stash, I have finally made a start.’

‘I still have to finish constructing the needlebook and emery block accessories, but I have completed the embroidery and enjoyed every single stitch.’

‘I have also started stitching Spring Delights Rose Pouch which I am going to make up as tote bag. I fell in love with this design as soon as I opened the magazine and I have to say this particular issue was very well named. I have been saying ‘so pretty’ to myself every step of the way!’

‘I started off as a cross stitcher and I’m gradually gaining confidence with embroidery largely thanks to your magazine and books. Thank you so very much for all the inspiration and embroidery education you have given me over the last few years.’

Kathryn, you’ve made a fabulous start to both projects and we can’t wait to see each of them finished! If you’d like to follow Kathryn’s stitching, she’s posting her progress on Instagram at @thevoyageofthedrawnthreader

The Frog Prince

Carolyn Standing Webb

‘I have always wanted to stitch my version of the antique frog purses from the 17th Century and The Frog Prince in Inspirations #98 gave me the shove that I needed to get busy! I found photos of a color variant of a common English frog that I liked and picked my colors from that. I studied photos of the antique purses and made a template so that I could get the pieces of mine to fit together after they were made.’

‘I used a soft, lightly twisted silk thread and a basic lace stitch to work the frog in rows back and forth and round and round. I tried to keep somewhat to the coloring and pattern of the real frog. Some of the edges are thread gimp and others worked over wire. I wrapped wires for the toes and stuffed and wired the legs so that they would keep their shape. The bag is hand stitched of rust silk and I used a lucet to make the drawstring. It makes me smile when I look at it and hope that it does the same for others.’

Carolyn, we love that Victoria Laine’s project inspired you to take the time to research, design and stitch your own ‘Frog Prince’! You’ve done a spectacular job of all the elements that went into creating the final piece.

If this week’s What Are You Stitching? has inspired you to take up needle and thread, the projects featured can be found using the links below.

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