What Are You Stitching?

8th July 2022

Most of us carry a purse to keep our coins and money. They’re usually practical, with pockets for credit cards and cash and very little decoration. However, there are some very clever and talented stitchers out there who have decided they want something a little better to use as a purse. Take a look at these fabulous purse projects if you’re after a bit of inspiration!

Jeanette Smith

‘I have always enjoyed working with needle and thread. From as early as primary school I was interested in crafts and sewing but embroidery was always my favourite.’

‘My grandmother was a gifted needleworker and was known to make wedding dresses with beautiful embroidery. She died of pneumonia due to her dedication, working very long hours to complete the dresses for a wedding, and sadly not looking after her health. My mom says I take after her with my embroidery skills which are all self-taught.’

Thank you, Jeanette, for sharing your stitching journey with us and for showing us this magnificent, embroidered purse. It is so colourful and has such a gorgeous texture.

Jill Hart

‘I wanted to make one of the Macaron Magic purses from Inspirations issue #111, but everything I make has to be bigger than usual. I wanted to keep the shape the same, but I had great difficulty trying to find something that would do for the dome-like structure to put in each side of the purse’

‘After trying all sorts of things, including being sent 24 badge making sets, everything turned out to be too flat. One day (purely for medicinal purposes of course!) I treated myself to a McDonald’s sundae.

As I was eating, I realized that the dome from the sundae container was just what I needed.

I took it home and cut it down along with a several others I was kindly donated. They were perfect!

I love weedy sea dragons so put one on the front and the back. I made a purse for each of my two daughters, with half of the sea dragon on the front and the tail end on the back. Even with the enlarged size, there still wasn’t enough room to put the whole weedy sea dragon on one side, but I was still happy with the final result.’

What a fabulous project, Jill! Not only have you been incredibly resourceful in your construction, but the design and execution are fantastic. A wonderful example of ingenuity and taking an existing design and making it your very own.

Jane Masenas

‘I designed this nostalgic purse because it reminded me of the ‘60s clothing and purses decorated with shisha mirrors and vibrant colours which I loved to buy. I smile when I look at my pictures from that time. I hope you have fond memories too.’

For those of us who were lucky enough to live through it, Jane, we do have great memories. But even for those of us who weren’t born yet, the fashion style lives on and your design captures it beautifully.

Do you like stitching purses? Or do you prefer to stitch bags? Are there other practical items you prefer to create? Or do you keep your stitching neatly framed and displayed for all to see on the wall?

However you like to finish or display your stitching, we’d like to see it. Send us a picture of your work along with some information about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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