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3rd June 2022

We love Betsy Morgan here at Inspirations HQ. But not as much as you love Betsy Morgan out there in our community it seems! To prove how much you all enjoy her projects, here are a few that have been finished to perfection. Not that we thought you needed any more inspiration to do her amazing designs!

Alice Rathofer

‘A number of years ago Betsy Morgan was invited to teach a class at my EGA chapter. I offered my guest room for Betsy’s stay in Salt Lake City. She was a delightful guest and wonderful teacher. 

Betsy and my husband enjoyed coffee on the deck each morning and we laughed about all the holes being dug in the garden by our nocturnal visitors (raccoons, who dig holes in lawns looking for bugs). Betsy said that animals just seem to be attracted to her.’ 

‘While Betsy was our guest she was stitching the project Good for the Goose so I had a preview of this design. I loved it, and being a bird lover, it was one design I knew I would want to stitch.’

‘I contacted Betsy and was able to purchase a kit for the design without the linen. I found some linen I thought would work and I stitched it. I loved the design when I first saw Betsy stitching the piece and I still love it. It now resides in an etagere along with another Betsy Morgan design.’

What a wonderful story, and how lucky you are to have been able to spend quality time with Betsy. Thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful stitching, Alice. We hope you enjoy stitching many more of her designs in the future.

Lynne Blackburn

‘I am a self-proclaimed non-finisher but have started to complete a few projects recently. This was my first Betsy Morgan project. It was a class we did with my Guild during our winter 2021 lockdown.’

‘It seemed like it was going to be complicated but actually came together beautifully. I have now given it to a friend for her birthday.’

You are certainly not the only ‘non-finisher’ out there, Lynne. We also like to call ourselves ‘serial starters’! Congratulations, though, on getting this gorgeous project completed. What a lucky friend you have to have received such a special gift.

Sandra Holderness

‘I love reading your newsletter and was excited to see Betsy Morgan’s gorgeous Sweet Treats project featured. I purchased the digital pattern and found scraps of linen in various colours that I could use to make a start.’

‘I love doing ‘fiddly’ things and I was in the mood for something that could be accomplished quickly. I had so much fun making these that I could not stop, so several friends will receive one as a birthday treat. See if you can spot the one that I made up!’

They really do look good enough to eat, Sandra. What a gorgeous collection! We can’t spot it – your variation is obviously just as good as the originals.

Do you love anything by Betsy Morgan? Or is there another designer you are simply passionate about? When you discover a designer you love, do you want to stitch everything you possibly can by them? Or do you like to try all kinds of different projects by different designers?

Whatever it is you like to stitch, we would like to see it. Send us a picture of your work along with a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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