What Are You Stitching?

28th September 2018

Our needles and threads have the ability to convey passion, and this week we sought the countless passions that have been conveyed through the needlework of the Inspirations Community…

Lee Winter | Perfection

‘I really identified myself with the words on perfection that were shared in All Stitched Up! #146. I strive to reach it every time I pick up needle and thread, but as yet have failed to achieve a perfect piece of embroidery, even though there is usually a lot of unpicking along the way! I recently tried a piece of Blackwork that was created from a photograph a family member took of an otter we saw at Paignton Zoo. Having never done any Blackwork before, it is not perfect however hard I tried to make it so, but I am very proud of the end result!’

We’re often our own worst critics when it comes to what’s produced from our needles and threads, but Lee your spirit of excellence is driven by your pursuit of perfection and from where we sit we think you may have just found stitching perfection in this piece!

Lori Savignac | Needle and Thread

‘I love reading your newsletter and hearing about others like me who have a love affair with needle and thread! I am currently working on a gift for a friend. I like to keep family and friends in my thoughts when I am making a gift for them. It keeps the flow of needle and thread traveling throughout a piece as I try to complete an area with one colour.’

‘My current project has 56 colours. It is the most colours I have ever worked with and is also the first time I have used the grid method, creating blocks of 10 x 10 stitches. So glad I did as I could not have done this without the grid. Best step out of my comfort zone I have ever made!’

Lori, we love that you describe your passion for needle and thread as a love affair! You’ve taken on an intricate and detailed piece and your grid approach has proven most fruitful. We look forward to seeing the finished result.

Matthea Paulus | Generations

‘Embroidery is in my genes! My mother worked for hours on different types of embroideries, as did my aunts. As a young mother I taught my daughters and son to embroider and each of them have framed pieces all over my house. As a member of the Queensland Embroiderers’ Guild I have had the opportunity to read Inspirations Magazines and venture out and get involved with different types of needlework to broaden my scope.’

‘I occasionally assist with helping youngsters to learn simple embroidery and this gave me the idea to have a go with my two year old grandchild, Johanna.

Little did I realise that she would take to it like a duck to water! I was amazed.

Once completed, we brightened the work with sequins and seed beads and her embroidery was used to make a reusable shopping bag.’

‘Little Johanna couldn’t keep it a secret for her Mum’s Birthday, such was her enthusiasm. I’m so looking forward to my Oma years with another generation of keen needleworkers!’

Matthea, we love that the art of needle and thread continues in your family because of your passion for passing it onto the generations beyond you. Johanna has a bright future ahead of her and we can’t wait to see what’s next from her needle and thread!

Stacia Knight-Graham | Dobermans

‘This is Pyrat, an Irongate Doberman Pincher. Pyrat was a champion and her owner and Breeder is Eve Auch. I designed and embroidered Pyrat based on a photograph for Eve as a thank-you for our dogs Guinness and Harp and all the support she gives us on our Doberman journey.  It is one of my favourite pieces.’ 

For many of us our dogs are one of our greatest passions and the way you’ve captured Pyrat with needle and thread is just stunning Stacia! What a thoughtful thank-you gift.

Have you embarked upon or completed a project of passion with needle and thread? We’d love to see it! Email photos of what you’ve created along with a few details about the passion behind the project to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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