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3rd December 2021

Continuing on with our floral theme for this week’s newsletter, we have put together a collection of even more floral delights for you, stitched by our very own needlework community. Flowers are traditionally a popular theme for embroiderers, and it appears that the passion for them will never diminish. 

Claude Lecerf

‘Here I am with a flower to share. It was created by Laurence Lieblich, a Swiss designer.’

‘I am totally isolated in my area in northern France, with no clubs or embroidery classes nearby. I met Laurence Lieblich through social media. With her creations posted online and the detailed instructions accompanied by photos, she always encourages you to embroider and to constantly improve. I’m very grateful for that.’

Thank you for sending in this most spectacular piece Claude. It’s wonderful that you have been able to make connections even when you live in an isolated location. Your beautiful stitching demonstrates just how encouraging Laurence Lieblich is and how talented you are!

Jennifer Jensen

‘This is Passiflora, designed by Jenny Adin-Christie from England.’

‘I have been sewing for 55 of my 59 years. My mum was a sewing teacher at the primary school I attended, and I’ve been stitching ever since then. I am an upholstery seamstress by trade and make lounge suites.

When I was living in Canberra, Australia 25 years ago, I went to a craft fair and saw the work of Jane Nicholas and I have been hooked on stumpwork ever since. I love making things that really push my patience and boundaries.’

‘It has to be difficult and intricate or I just don’t enjoy it!’

And what amazing results you achieve because you do push your boundaries, Jennifer. Your Passiflora is indeed a wonderfully complex and intricate piece and your approach is an inspiration to us all.

Margaret Cobleigh

‘Last year I bought a set of Heathway crewel wool. I needed some projects on which to try it out, so I found some lovely Art Nouveau-inspired designs by Sarah Stevens of Melbury Hill. It was so nice to find non-Jacobean designs.’

‘She sells full kits or stamped linens. The stamped linens were perfect for my purpose – kind of like colouring book pages where the crayons are crewel wool!’

‘Both projects were interesting and a lot of fun to stitch. All the wools are wonderful threads; they don’t shred and aren’t fuzzy. Additionally, Heathway and Gumnut Daisies are washable. I loved playing with the threads and the colours.’

These are both really interesting and beautiful projects, Margaret. It is so lovely to see the Art Nouveau influence, and your colour selection is fabulous.

Do you love stitching flowers? Or do you prefer other subjects? Do you get inspired by the colours of the petals and the shape of the blooms? Or do you love monochromatic projects with geometric shapes? Whatever it is you like to stitch, we would like to see it. Send us a picture of your work with a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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