What Are You Stitching?

12th November 2021

Perhaps it is just a rumour, but the word is that there seem to be a lot of new babies around at the moment. For many of us, news of a new baby immediately makes us think about stitching a blanket! This week we’ve got some lovely blankets to show you that our readers have recently completed. If you haven’t already started, then this showcase should give you all the encouragement you need to get a blanket embroidered in time for the happy arrival.

Jill Hart

‘I have been embroidering for just a couple of years now. It all started when I got brave enough to tackle Hazel Blomkamp’s Roger the Rhinoceros.  I quite enjoyed this project and with increasing confidence I decided to have a go at Sakura by Margaret Lee. Bugle beads and I are now not on speaking terms!’

‘The next project was Jenny McWhinney’s Hello Possum! blanket. It was a present for a friend of my younger daughter who had a baby about four months ago.’

You seem to be stitching ahead in leaps and bounds, Jill. The cute little possum was a real favourite, and you’ve done a wonderful job of it.

Judy Campbell

‘This is a Taetia McEwen design, titled Blossom. She was an absolute delight to embroider even though she was a bit of a challenge. I really love the finished item.’

Blossom has such character, Judy! You’ve really done incredibly well brining Blossom to life and should be very proud of the finish.

Denise Peiris

‘I have recently finished an embroidered blanket for my grandson. The design is from a greeting card, and I used whatever thread I had on hand. Some wool, some machine embroidery thread and some stranded cotton. I often get given various threads that guild members no longer need and I try to use as many of them as possible.’

‘I live in Whakatane in the bay of plenty New Zealand with my wee dog and three cats. I enjoy the creative challenge of designing my own projects and playing with stitch, thread and fabric. I often just pick up a needle and draw with my thread.’

This is a wonderfully creative blanket, Denise. And it seems there is a very happy little man enjoying the finished project as well!

Jenny Samphier

‘My daughter lives in London, a long way away in these COVID-19 times. When I found out that she was pregnant with her first child I wanted to make her something a bit different and with an Australian slant, to give her a connection to home.

The moment I saw this design by Jenny McWhinney from Inspirations issue #109, I knew it was exactly what I wanted with the very cute possum and the gum tree really giving a taste of Oz.’

‘It was my first time doing wool embroidery and I really enjoyed the project. What surprised me the most was how quickly it grew. I’m really pleased with the end product. Hopefully she will love it too when she receives it.’

We’re sure she’s going to love it, Jenny and we hope that you’ll soon get the chance to see your new grandchild in person.

Do you love embroidering blankets? Do you eagerly listen out for baby announcements, just so you can get out the wools and cashmere? Or do you prefer to stitch other kinds of gifts? Whatever it is you like to stitch, we want to see it. Send us a picture of your project with a bit of information about it and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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