What Are You Stitching?

17th September 2021

This week, we were so inspired by Betsy Morgan’s projects, that we had to go to the What Are You Stitching? cupboard to see what other glorious accessories our clever readers have made, especially those who like counted embroidery. Just look what we came up with:

Cathy Lynses

‘After giving my twin grandsons tooth fairy boxes for their birthday two years ago, I realised that my granddaughter would soon be needing one as well. I worked on Bookie’s box this spring in order to give it to her for her 5th birthday in June.’

‘When one of the grandsons lost a tooth in early spring, Bookie wailed that she would never be able to lose a tooth as she didn’t have a tooth fairy box. That statement made me laugh as she had no idea what I was making for her birthday. Now she can lose that tooth that became wobbly when she bit down on a cherry, and she need have no fear that the tooth fairy won’t arrive!’

Just in the nick of time too, Cathy! We’re sure Bookie is a very happy little girl now that she knows the fairy will be satisfied because frankly, with a box so beautiful, what fairy wouldn’t?

Susan Marasco

‘One of my earliest needlepoint pieces came to light when my sister and I helped my dad downsize the family home. I found the needle case that my Gram helped me sew for my Mom, who passed in 2018. I had no idea that she had kept it for over 50 years’

It looks as good now as it did 50 years ago, Susan! What a wonderful discovery and a precious memory for you.

Terry Mullen

‘I created this piece in response to a challenge in our local chapter of the Embroiderers’ Guild. We were given canvas and wool yarn and asked to ‘make something’. The colours immediately suggested strawberries to me, so, taking my inspiration from a small paper party favour that I had acquired at some point, I constructed my Strawberry Box.’

‘I used a different stitch for each of the four sides. The top, which also has four different stitches, lifts off and the box opens up. Inside is a smaller, stitched and beaded strawberry with a jingle bell sealed inside.’

‘This project was so much fun, it stretched my brain and creativity in wonderful ways, and I was pleased with the result.’

You should be very proud, Terry as this is a stunning project. It is beautifully thought out and put together – a real work of art. Well done!

Tina Aumiller

‘This project is a pattern from Victoria Sampler. I wanted to practise putting together a 15-sided biscornu, and I love the way the design incorporates so many different styles and elements of embroidery: ribbon, hardanger, bargello, beads – so much packed into one rather small piece!’

So much indeed, Tina! And it looks like you mastered all of them. Well done for taking on such a challenge and executing it so well.

Do you love making stitching accessories using a variety of counted techniques? Does every project bag have a different handmade pincushion, needle book and scissor fob that you’ve stitched? Or do you prefer to make your accessories with surface stitchery? Whatever it is you like to stitch, we’d like to see it. Send us a picture of your work and a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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