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3rd September 2021

For any stitcher who enjoys embroidering flowers, there are a seemingly endless number of techniques and design styles to choose from when considering what type of project to create. From the usual go-to favourites such as satin, long and short stitch to the more complex technique of stumpwork, through to the use of all kinds of materials, from ribbons to silk threads and even to actual leaves. This week we’re taking a look at some of the more innovative floral projects people have sent in.

Carolee Fields Withee

‘Often when I was running a trunk show, I would talk to many women whose daughters had no interest in using or even keeping the crocheted doilies and bureau scarfs made by earlier generations. In response I would advise them to try and create a small wall hanging featuring at least a portion of the vintage work.’

‘I love to create a design that displays and blends inherited crochet with my embroidery. Nearly all of my silk ribbon embroidery is done in white, then I colour it with Tsukineko ink. In this project pictured above, I accidentally dropped a bit of red ink and couldn’t scrub it out. Thus, there is a small floral addition with my initials

We have had little rain for my flower gardens this summer here in Maine, USA. Embroidering flowers sure beats carrying water to them!’

This is a clever and thoughtful way to use vintage textiles, Carolee. Your way of covering up a mistake is also very innovative and unless someone knew your secret, you would ever have guessed it wasn’t planned – in fact we felt it actually enhanced the end result, so well done!

Norma Mulligan

‘I have embroidered many projects from Inspirations over the years, but this remains my favourite.’ 

‘I hope you appreciate how much of an inspiration your magazine really is, and the joy it brings!” 

You are very kind Norma, we are touched to hear how much Inspirations means to you, and likewise we want you to know how much we appreciate all your beautiful needlework that we have been fortunate enough to share in our newsletter over the years. This piece is a lovely project that you have stitched beautifully, congratulations.

Kathy Thompson

‘I had a go at this after being inspired by a workshop on leaf manipulation at the Woodville Academy of Floral Art a few weeks ago.’

‘It’s a bit rough but I just wanted to try a few different ideas to see what was possible. If you visit the website magnoliaheatherart.com you will see lots of interesting embroideries on leaves.’

What a fascinating way of using leaves and incorporating them into your needlework. We hope you experiment more Kathy as we’d love to see what other inspiring and amazing work you produce.

Do you like stitching the natural world using unusual materials? Have you ever looked at a project and wondered whether you could experiment with new threads, new colours or new techniques? Or do you love to pay homage to nature using the stitches and thread you know best? 

Whatever it is you like to do, we’d like to see it. Send us a picture of your work with a bit of information about the projects and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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