What Are You Stitching?

20th August 2021

Lots of us stitch pictures, some stitch clothing, others still make accessories. Then there are those of us out there who get pleasure from stitching toys. Not all of them are to be played with although they’re usually cute enough that any child would be hard pressed not to. Sometimes we stitch toys merely for the pleasure and nostalgia that such a project brings. Here are a few to admire:

Daphne Sargeant

‘I love Inspirations magazine and look forward to it arriving in the post, especially during lockdown. This embroidered teddy is only four inches high. I enjoyed the stitching and beading.’

It is just adorable, Daphne! It’s hard to believe this teddy is so small, especially as your embroidery is so neat and delicate. We love it.

Carolee Chapman

‘From the second I saw Beth Allen’s koala from ‘A Bush Christmas’ in Inspirations issue #60 I knew I wanted to stitch him. Being me, I turned him into a Canadian Black Bear and the leaves into fish. I made a small adjustment to his profile and made his ears a bit smaller. I embroidered pine branches on his hat and vest.’

How clever to transform him into an animal from your own home country, Carolee. We wouldn’t have even guessed he started out as a koala and we love the campsite you created for him as well – a truly imaginative project, well done.

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