What Are You Stitching?

6th August 2021

We wondered what that noise was in our cupboard of projects, and we realised it was the sound of animals! It’s been several months since we’ve featured animal projects in What Are You Stitching? and they’ve been building up. It is no wonder all of the different creatures are getting restless, so in order to release a few, here are some wonderful animal projects for you to enjoy.

Roslyn Argent

‘I was on holidays down the South Coast of NSW in Australia and discovered a glorious shop called Sew and Tell (that has unfortunately closed now). Inside I came across a Jenny McWhinney kit and completed this little mouse. This was my first attempt at embroidery.’

What an amazing job for a first attempt, Roslyn! And it is such an adorable project too. Well done. We hope you’ve continued with your stitching after this initial triumph.

Kathryn Archer

‘I bought these animals as kits from Jenny McWhinney and turned the elephants into a cushion for my daughter and the cheetahs and giraffes into a blanket. They are stitched using wool embroidery which as a technique is really fast to work up.’

They’re fabulous, Kathryn. We love wool embroidery too as it produces such a lovely result. We’re sure the recipients of these amazing pieces were thrilled and Jenny herself will be delighted to see her designs given such love.

Amanda Newby-Fraser

‘I love taking designs from colouring books and applying my own stitches to the project. I must add, this has only been possible due to the inspiration from Hazel Blomkamp’s books and a very patient embroidery teacher, Sarie Webster. Hazel’s books have helped me to work outside of my comfort zone, by using stitches in many different ways. This has also given me a lot of self-confidence when tackling a new design.’

‘These cats have been embroidered using DMC cottons. This has become a cushion, which sits on my bed.’

How creative, Amanda! You’ve clearly mastered some fantastic skills and applied them to your stitching beautifully, your finished piece is brilliant. Hazel will be delighted to see what you have accomplished. 

Do you love stitching animals? Are you inspired by your pets or other creatures of the four-legged variety? Or do you prefer plants and flowers to fauna wild or tame? Whatever it is you like to stitch, we’d love to see it. Send a picture of your project along with a bit of information about it and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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