What Are You Stitching?

23rd July 2021

Can you believe it? The one technique we haven’t talked about for a while is surface embroidery! Surface embroidery is our bread and butter and something which almost all of us enjoy doing. It is so versatile, but one of the things that lends itself perfectly to the surface technique is writing. Whether you want to embroider a poem, a saying or something sentimental, surface stitches are the way to do it. Check out these examples from our readers:

Lois Woollams

‘This piece has been stitched with silk thread on linen. I stitched it because shamefully, I couldn’t remember all the words of this classic Australian song. Now I won’t forget!’

Don’t worry Lois, no doubt there are plenty of Australian’s who don’t remember all the lyrics to Waltzing Matilda, especially not every verse! What a beautiful way to ensure you don’t forget them again though, this piece is both a splendid work of art as well as a sensational memory prompter. Reading it makes us want to burst into chorus!

PS – for anyone not familiar with this famous Australian folk song, you can enjoy a version of it by Slim Dusty HERE.

Roslyn Cook

‘A few years back we had an exhibition at our local RSL for Remembrance Day. Our challenge was to create something in A4 size representing our view of the day. I used Jo Butcher’s Poppies and the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.’

It’s a lovely and poignant piece, Roslyn. You’ve fulfilled the requirements of the challenge perfectly and created a piece to be admired. Well done.

Sandie Bero

‘I just finished what I call my grief recovery piece. My dad passed away in December 2018 and I stitched this verse and the left-hand bird while sitting with my Mom. They enjoyed 72 years of marriage and while she remembered very little, she did remember every detail of their 72nd anniversary celebration that they had just 7 weeks before Daddy died.’

‘We always loved watching the chickadees out of her side window when we visited so I thought it was a fitting pattern. She passed away in October 2020 after a long battle with dementia and I finished off her side of the sampler recently. The pattern is from Spring Wreath by Jessica Long Embroidery.’

We’re so sorry for your loss, Sandie. What a wonderful way to remember your Dad and honour both of your parents and their long life together. It’s a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing both your story and your needlework. 

Have you ever stitched a poem? Perhaps you’ve stitched a verse or a saying or sentiment? Or maybe you’ve never thought of stitching words before? Whatever it is you like to stitch, we’d like to see it. Send a picture of your work and some information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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