What Are You Stitching?

16th July 2021

It was time we popped the champagne again for the counted embroiderers out there – those stitchers who delight in the uniformity and mathematics inherent in counted thread embroidery. Whether it is cross stitch, needlepoint, petit point or any other form of needlework that requires counting, we want to celebrate it. Here are a few projects to whet your appetite:

Elizabeth Braun

‘You recently asked about cross stitch projects that had taken a long time. This is Paradise Island, a piece that came from a UK cross stitch magazine. In between other projects of varying types, it took about five years to complete!’

‘I’ve also included the Tudor Lady piece that was the project immediately before I started the Island and that I managed to complete in about six months. From the sublime to the ridiculous!’

In fact, five years sounds like a very reasonable amount of time, Elizabeth, when one considers the amount of work that has gone into the piece! Both pieces are beautiful – well done.

Ionica Danciu

‘This is a shirt of mine that I copied from a photograph. The original is located at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. It is full of symbols: on the top you see two newlyweds in the church; there are fertility symbols (the diamonds); and symbols of good success (the horns of the ram). It also has almost 9000 tiny beads.’

What a magnificent project, Ionica! It is so beautifully stitched and so full of colour. We can only imagine that this isn’t a shirt you wear on a day-to-day basis. Or is it perhaps?! 

Wendi Wolfard

‘Stitching has been my passion since third grade (I count that as 62 years!). It has always been my creative outlet and meditation.’

‘One way I have chosen to stitch is to memorialize each of my grandchildren’s 13th birthdays with a cross stitch picture. I have 17 grandchildren ranging in age from 36 to 6. Fifteen pictures are completed, with more to go when the two youngest turn 13.’

‘The pictures reflect what is going on in their lives as they enter their teen years, whether it be sports, dance, cheerleading, camping, or just their favourite things.’

‘Another way I gift my work is to create hand stitched Christmas cards. I have sent 75+ cards each year for five years to family and friends. Beloved family members and cherished friends tell me how they look forward to the cards, some even framing them for their holiday decor. 

I love stitching the cards because they are such small projects, taking so little of my time. Stitching the cards fills in time between major projects and often provides diversion from more intense, complicated undertakings.’

Wendi, when we saw the photos accompanying your email, we were absolutely amazed. Your output is incredible. The fact you stitch that many cards every year is something we could hardly believe. You will have to go into our records as one of the most prolific stitchers we’ve ever seen. Congratulations on everything you are doing – your idea of commemorating each of your grandchildren becoming a teenager with a stitched memento is brilliant. No doubt this post in our newsletter will inspire hundreds of people from all over the world. Thank you so much for sharing.

Do you love doing counted work? Is cross stitch your true love? Have you produced countless counted projects but still have many more lined up? Or do you prefer not to count your stitching, tending towards surface work where you can make your own holes? 

Whatever kind of stitching you prefer; we would like to see it. Send us a photograph of your work as well as some information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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