What Are You Stitching?

21st May 2021

When looking through our cupboard of What Are You Stitching? delights submitted by our community, we noticed several of you had re-created Margaret Lee’s Sakura purse from Inspirations issue #105. But it wasn’t just Margaret’s beaded purse which jumped out at us. There were other amazing beaded purses that caught our eye as well, that we want to share with you this week.

Helen Sargent

‘I love trying new techniques and that is what has inspired me to try some of the designs from Inspirations magazine. I don’t really have a favourite technique and mix machine embroidery in with my hand stitching. Time for stitching is a luxury so I like using quality materials for my work.’

‘Above is a photo of my finished Sakura purse from Inspirations issue #105. I used a few beads I had left over to make a small tassel.’

This is a challenging project you’ve tackled Helen and you’ve finished it beautifully, well done! We love the addition of the tassel as well, no doubt when Margaret sees that she’ll be thrilled at your creativity.

Jill Hart

‘Here is a picture of the Sakura purse that I have finished. I have, however, decided to hate bugle beads from now on.  All went well on the purse until I tried to make the bugle beads line up. Now they are all over the place but I’ve gotten to the stage where I would probably kill them if I had to take them out and do them again!’

‘I have to say, damn those beads to bugle heaven or hell – as far as they are concerned, they have played their own ‘Last Post.’

They all look like they are fighting with each other, trying to make right hand turns to get the heck out of there!

But I am a realist and have decided that if that’s the way they want to sit then so be it. There is usually one part of my work that looks like a bit of a car crash, but it’s reassuring to see because when you turn over to the back, there is a 6-lane pile up happening! It means the front doesn’t seem so bad.’

You really made us laugh with your description, Jill. Not only are you an accomplished stitcher, but your creative writing skills are also sensational! We have to say though, your bugle beads look pretty good to us and there’s not a car crash in sight in our opinion, so job well done.

Marianne Lock

‘I belong to the Waikato Embroiderers Guild. About 15 years ago the Guild celebrated its 30th anniversary. The President’s challenge for that year was to stitch something inspired by the word ‘coral’. I embroidered a purchased bra with some seaweed and fish on one side and a mermaid on the other. I called it ‘Brarier Reef.’

‘I was pleased with the result and loved wearing my bra. Eventually one of the underwires broke. It stayed in my drawer for several years as I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out but couldn’t use it either. I would often look at it and think about what to do with it, before putting it back in the drawer.’

‘One day I was at a craft fair and saw a purse frame meant for a spectacle case. Inspiration hit me and I thought of my bra. The black rings that the chain attaches to came from the bra straps.  I added some beaded fringing and a fish charm, and now I have a useful evening purse that is often commented on.’

What a wonderful story! From underwear to evening wear. Very inventive of you and well done for your vision in creating the bra in the first place, and then giving it a second life. Thank you so much for sharing, Marianne. PS: We loved the name Brarier Reef!

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