What Are You Stitching?

7th September 2018

Inspired by Victoria Laine’s Sweete Bag in All Stitched Up! #154 (HERE), this week’s What Are You Stitching? features bags that have been created with the needles and threads of the Inspirations Community…

Carmel Schulze | Australia

‘I was interested to read your article about hoops in All Stitched Up #141. I had just finished a hoop bag for my many hoops and was very pleased with the results. I have not seen much mention about hoop bags and when mentioning what I was doing to my friends they thought it was a fabulous idea!’

‘As with any project, there are things I would change and add if I made another one, but at the moment the next project I’ve started is getting all my attention!’

Carmel, great minds must think alike as Jenny McWhinney constructed a hoop bag for our publication ‘A Passion for Needlework’ to tame her collection of hoops too! We love the fabric you’ve chosen and think the embroidery you’ve added has given your bag a beautiful aesthetic.

June Felt | Australia

‘I was so happy to see All Stitched Up! #143’s Featured Project – Jenny McWhinney’s Lovable Bears. Our Gold Coast Show’s theme for 2013 was Teddy Bears. Back then, I found Jenny’s patterns which included stitch directions and was inspired to use the small patterns to make pockets on the outside of a needlework bag.’

‘Those cute bears were so well received they won 1st Prize and have given much pleasure! Thank you, Jenny and Inspirations.’

June, we love that you took Jenny’s designs and used them in such a creative way! Your bag is just gorgeous and well deserving of its 1st Prize.

Kim Springhall | Australia

‘I finally finished this project from Inspirations #75 and so enjoyed working on this beautiful design!’

‘A dear friend gave it to me as a Christmas gift and bought one for herself as well, so that we could work on it together. I loved the design but felt the more decorative hearts would be better on the outside, rather than hidden on the inside under all the bits and bobs that would be held inside! I also wanted a more structured bag that I could close up, so added a firm template plastic disc to the base, covered with some fabric from my stash.’

‘I then added the top closure extension by making a large tube with the internal pocket design repeated at the top and down to the join. I hand sewed some liberty bias binding in coordinating colours to hide the join, and then fed some whipper snipper cord (unused of course!) through the tube that the bias had made, to keep the circular shape more structured. The original pattern was gorgeous, but I’m happy I can see all those pretty hearts on the outside!’

Kim, we love that you took Lesley McConnell’s design and truly made it your own! Your Hearts and Roses bag is as gorgeous as it is useful. What a thoughtful gift from a friend that has provided many hours of stitching joy!

Sherri Carroll | USA

‘Many years ago my grandmother moved on from this life. She was an expert needlewoman, especially at embroidery, and I learned a great deal from her. One of the things she left me was her collection of needlepoint wools. In honour of her, and because I love violets and pansies, I enlarged Violet Time from Inspirations #69 and worked it on hemp with her wool. I used some of the remaining wool to do the crochet (a skill she taught me) and weave a strap on my Inkle Loom. I love how it turned out.’

Sherri, what a fabulous way to honour your grandmother! We love that she passed her knowledge of all things needle and thread onto the next generation and that you’ve been able to apply it in such a stylish and practical way.

If these bags have inspired you to stitch your own, you can make a start by using the links below!


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Digital Patterns

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