What Are You Stitching?

9th April 2021

Creating an image in two dimensions is one thing, but when you start creating three-dimensional embroidered objects, things really begin looking impressive. Suddenly, there is no limit to what you can create with needle and thread with the only restriction being your own imagination. The week we’re taking a look at some three-dimensional projects that our talented community have sent in:

Denise Forsyth

‘I recently finished stitching Tillie Turtle, named for my Great Aunt Tillie.’

‘Tillie Turtle was planning to travel to Beating Around the Bush last fall. Because it was postponed, she was a little sad, but happy to stay home and be safe. She will be ready next time with her silk shell with a little bling and Swarovski crystals on her toes.’

Tillie is simply fabulous Denise, what a delightful design you have created using an impressive array of different techniques. We’ll be so looking forward to meeting her ‘in the flesh’ (so to speak!) hopefully next year.

Nina Burnsides

‘Here is a stumpwork rose I’ve finished up in the last few weeks.’ 

Nina, your work always impresses us, and this particular piece really is remarkable. We love how you’ve captured not just the colour of the petals, but the shape of the rose itself. It is a masterpiece.

Alison Cole

‘This is the lemon meringue pie that I embroidered for the dining table in the green room at The Johnston Collection for the exhibition ‘Jubilation | Diamonds and Pearls’ which exhibited recently.’

‘The above photo is of some of the stitched food on display in the kitchen. I designed the pieces and stitched a sample of each and then the members of the Victorian Embroiderer’s Guild state-wide made them.’

Firstly, it’s an honour to have Alison Cole join us for ‘What Are You Stitching?’ this week, almost like having the Queen pop in for a cup of tea!

Secondly, wow, Alison! These designs are absolutely amazing – dare we say, good enough to eat? Thank you so much for sending them in… we hope to maybe even see them in an upcoming publication one day?! For anyone interested the exhibition these incredible pieces appeared in, you can watch a video clip HERE

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