What Are You Stitching?

19th March 2021

If there is one thing we are absolutely confident of, it’s the love that the global needlework community has for stitching birds. We keep receiving pictures of project, after gorgeous project, featuring birds of all kinds, worked in a dizzying array of techniques.

Today we’re going to regale you with some quilted and appliquéd versions of these marvellous creatures, just to show that it doesn’t matter how you create them, your avian projects will always be spectacular.

Pam Foale

‘Here are some pictures of my Bird of Paradise Quilt. Male birds of paradise are extravagantly beautiful, but the females, although equally as important, do not attract so much attention or admiration. That is why I called them, and the quilt, ‘Hidden Treasures’.’

‘I give credit for my love of embroidery to my mother who encouraged me as a child. I began when I was 12, had a long gap until my family ‘flew the coop’, but now that I am 81, I hope my grandchildren will love my work as much as I love my mother’s works of art.

Her attention to detail was amazing, although I have been guilty of putting her tablecloths on the table upside down!’

What we haven’t been able to show is the enormous number of photographs that Pam sent us, showing a huge range of her beautiful work. Pam, we could have written a whole newsletter just on you! Thank you for sending us your pictures – we spent a great deal of time admiring them.

Lynne Redderson

‘This is my ‘Coronavirus Comfort Embroidery’. Missing seeing family and the good friends I have at church, I decided to embroider the things I love and that bring me comfort.’

‘I love birds, and the sweet sound of their twittering always accompanies me when I am outside in my garden. I have a beautiful Camellia tree whose flowers are like small roses.

Nothing brings more comfort than a cup of tea or hot chocolate, with the lure of a pretty cup on a lace doily.

Finally, I love lace curtains – you get privacy, yet the sun can still shine in your window. Because of this, I removed the glass from this frame so I could add a ‘curtain’ to my picture.’

You’ve created something incredibly special and so wonderfully personal, Lynne. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Susan Bottcher

‘I had these various embroideries. But the question was, what to do with them?’

‘This was my answer and it has now become my favourite quilt!’

Stitching together all your finished pieces into a quilt is such a wonderful way to display them, Susan. Congratulations on all the hours or work on display, it’s no wonder it is a favourite, we love it too – especially the bird we can see perched on a willowy branch!

Have you created your favourite subject in different techniques? Are you as happy working a quilt as you are an embroidered piece, as long as it has a bird, animal, flower or other favourite on it? Or are you someone who has your favourite technique and you stick with it? 

Whatever your subject and whatever your technique, we’d like to hear about it. Send us a picture of your work and a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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