What Are you Stitching?

26th February 2021

When it comes to the harmony of the finish, the stitches you work are often just as important as the final shape of your embroidered project. Although it is often easier to frame rectangular or square designs, just look at how creative our readers have been when it comes to working circular projects…

Christine Wellnitz

You might remember that we featured a partially finished project from Christine in All Stitched Up! issue #260. She kindly sent us a picture of the completed piece which, you will have to admit, is fantastic.

‘My ‘Corona’ is now finished and I hope you like the way I completed it.’

Indeed we do, Christine. It is now beautiful, practical, and a wonderful reminder to you of all we overcame in 2020.

Rachel Watkins

‘I do not remember a time when I did not have a needle and thread in my hand. I have been stitching and sewing since I was a small child. After retirement I joined the EGA and ANG and discovered a whole world of embroidery techniques I wanted to explore. My favourites are silk and metal and threadpainting but I also love needlelace.’

‘This piece came from my love of animals and nature. I have a large collection of seashells that I have acquired over the years, so I decided it would be nice to have them on display. My inspiration came from ‘Lace’ by Virginia Churchill Bath, published in 1974.’

It is a wonderfully unique piece, Rachel, and a creative way of displaying some of your treasured seashells. Well done!

Susan Cuss

‘Here are a few of my many ‘hooped projects’.’

‘This first one I designed for my granddaughter in 2018 when she turned 7 years old. I travelled from Canada to Australia to visit and brought it with me. My granddaughter loved it!’

‘The second was created as a gift for my niece-in-law. Since her favourite colour is green, her birthstone is the pearl and her birth flower is the rose, these were all included in the design. I love to create personal, one-of-a-kind gifts with my embroidery and tatting skills.’

‘The last one was stitched as a fund raiser for my Embroidery Guild, using an iron-on transfer for part of the design and stitched with variegated thread.

My journey with embroidery began in 2010 when I made a quilt block for a raffle in an online tatting group. That was when I fell in love with embroidery. From there, I began to crazy quilt and started building my skills through books, classes and the local Embroiderers’ Guild.’

All of your pieces are wonderfully personal and creative, Susan. We’re sure the recipients must have loved them just as much as we do!

Kathleen Klein

‘My favourite sewing technique is Brazilian embroidery. Being in lockdown in Michigan, USA, has given me more time to stitch. I recently finished ‘Verana’ from Edmar. I used #15 seed beads instead of French knots.’

And the result is really exquisite, Kathleen! We’re glad you have used your time so productively.

Is shape important to you when you choose a project? Do you plan how you are going to mount it or construct it before you’ve even begun? Or do you just fall in love, start stitching, and worry about what you are going to do with it when it is complete? 

However you like to stitch and whatever shape your projects take, we’d love to see them. Send us a photograph as well as a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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