What Are You Stitching?

5th February 2021

The Jacobean style of embroidery has been something of a staple for our What Are You Stitching? segment. The truth is, just as you can’t get enough of stitching it, we can’t get enough of admiring it. It is always gratifying to see new projects come in which use the style so beautifully and in so many different ways. This week we’re going to spoil you with three more fabulous Jacobean style projects to delight and inspire you.

Jeanne Wolff

‘Here is my finished piece of the design Sweet Repose by Anna Scott from Inspirations issue #107.  I loved it!  Some stitches I knew and some I learned for the first time.’

‘I must compliment my friend and former member of my EGA Chapter, Susan MacRae. She advised, taught, critiqued and encouraged me as we worked the design together, but from our own homes. Thank you, Susan!’

This is a perfect example of working together even when forced to be apart, Jeanne. Your finish is fantastic. Both you and Susan are to be congratulated.

Digital Patterns

Sweet Repose – i107 Digital

Anna Styles

‘Here is a chair I embroidered a little while ago. I used Appleton’s crewel wool on a GP&J Baker furnishing fabric inspired by an Erica Wilson design.’

‘I hand drew it onto the fabric with a pencil and when it came to colour I had to wing it by using whatever I had in my wool box!’

Wow – what a spectacular project, Anna! Although we’re not sure we’d be allowing anyone to sit in such a beautifully embroidered chair, no doubt this piece lights up any room it graces.

Rita Jordan

‘I thought you might like to see another interpretation of Midnight Meander by Hazel Blomkamp. I did enjoy seeing the other two interpretations in All Stitched Up! issue #247. It took me a while to finish this design, but I am very pleased with it.’

We absolutely love seeing all the different interpretations of these designs. It just goes to show that no two embroiderers are alike, just as no two finished projects are alike. Well done, Rita you have created a beautiful piece with such refined and precise stitching. 

Do you love the Jacobean style? Or is it simply the wools that make your heart sing? Do you like interpreting designs and making them your own? Or do you get the most pleasure out of following the instructions carefully to produce a piece just as the designer intended? 

We don’t really mind what you stitch or how you like to do it, we want to see it! Send a picture of your work and a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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