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4th December 2020

Spring is a wonderful source of inspiration for needlework designs and when it’s springtime, the birds are out singing in full chorus. But it seems they’re not just singing; they’re also adorning multiple embroidery projects from our talented readers. Birds are a very popular subject and appear in all kinds of needlework pieces, so here’s a delightfully varied showcase for you to enjoy. However, this is just the start of the avian delights. Stay tuned for the second instalment of gorgeous embroidered birds next week.

Anu Jain

‘I’m writing in from New Delhi, India. I have been passionate about needlework in some form or the other for most of my life, be it appliqué, patchwork, cross stitch, threadpainting or surface embroidery.’

‘I have tried my hand at some projects from Inspirations, making do with the fabric and threads available in my country. I especially enjoyed making ‘Chatterbox’ by Jenny McWhinney from Inspirations issue #93.’

We love this project as well, Anu. It has remained so popular over the years. Despite having to ‘make do’ with fabric and threads, you’ve done a fantastic job and it looks just like the original by Jenny.

Pat Demharter

‘Birds tend to play a significant role in embroidery. Many designers weave them into their work, but then there are some that bring them to life. When I saw Jenny Adin-Christie’s version of a wren, I had to give it a try.’

‘I love how Jenny makes the ordinary extraordinary. Her design not only highlight the wren’s features but fancies them up. Beautiful threads, velvet and sparkle give her etui a unique look.

As a novice embroiderer, I am always looking for encouragement and a push to the next level. That is ‘A Passion for Needlework’!’

This little wren is so lovely it almost looks as if it is going to take to its wing, Pat. Jenny’s projects are very special and are certainly at that ‘next level’!

Judy Freidel

‘Since I recently found myself with more time than usual, I was determined to finish some of my WIPs. This is the first finish. Titled ‘Broken Chains’ it has been in progress for about three years. That time has brought a lot of changes for me so I hope this piece reflects them.’

Wow Judy, what a powerful and beautiful project you have created – and full of so much personal meaning for you. It’s always satisfying finishing a WIP and being able to reflect on where you are at the finish in comparison to where you were at the start.

Miria Profiti Imamura

‘I am from São Paulo, Brazil and I love all kinds of craftwork. Some years ago, I started to make quilts, bags and pillows.’

‘At the start of the pandemic, I decided to buy an embroidery machine to try some different crafts. I love my new machine!’

‘One of the pillows I made is stitched with coloured birds. I have now sewed about 30 pillows, many of which I have sold. Here is a picture of some of my favourite pillows, all lined up.’

They are wonderful, Miria. We’re so glad you have discovered a new craft and it looks like you’ll be very busy for the foreseeable future with people wanting your pillows.

Do you love birds, or do you prefer to stitch animals? Perhaps human subjects are more your thing, or perhaps you aren’t inspired by living subjects and steer towards the completely abstract.

Whatever you like to stitch, we’d like to see it. Send us a picture of your work as well as a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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