What Are You Stitching?

23rd October 2020

Crewel embroidery has been worked for centuries and yet it may just be as popular now as it has ever been. While many other forms of embroidery have developed from crewel work, using the style, designs, stitches and wools for inspiration, traditional crewel will always have its place, as these projects from our readers will attest.

Carol Higginbotham

‘I love surface embroidery but it is not popular in my area. So, although I do stitch it, I also love to take the soft shading of crewel and surface embroidery and work it in blackwork.’

You’re approach to needlework is a wonderful example of just how flexible embroidery can be, Carol. Your embroidery is beautiful, and you’ve worked it exquisitely.

Emily Tassone

‘Here is a photo of Tatiana Popova’s Tree of Happiness that I worked on over the summer months. I changed the colours to make use of the materials I had on hand.’

‘I took up surface embroidery when I retired and I really enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques. This piece is still stretched on its frame, waiting for me to decide what to do with it.’

Hopefully it will enjoy pride of place in your home, Emily. It is a lovely interpretation with a gorgeous combination of colours.

Leslie M. Brady

‘This crewel design, from Talliaferro, is called ‘Royal Persian Blossom’ and it draws upon the vibrant vocabulary of Persian floral motifs common to ancient carpets, tiles, and porcelain. I used Appleton’s wools on linen twill. It hangs on an entrance wall in my foyer.’

No doubt you enjoy admiring this amazing piece every time you enter the house, Leslie, it’s a glorious design and beautifully stitched.

Susan McRae

‘When I received Inspirations issue #107 and saw the lovely pinks, greens, and yellows of Anna Scott’s Sweet Repose, I knew I had to stitch it! I usually prefer to work my own designs, but this project was so appealing I started almost immediately.’

‘Now, 34 days later, I have finished the stitching and I can say I enjoyed every moment of it. It may take me another year to finish it into a pillow, but that will come. It just gives me something to look forward to!  ‘

That’s super quick stitching, Susan! We’re glad we could provide you with inspiration and we’d love to see the completed pillow when you have finished it.

Do you love all things crewel? Is wool embroidery your thing? Are you addicted to the tendrils, flowers and shapes which characterise the Jacobean style? Or do you prefer more modern designs and different threads and fibres? Whatever your love, we want to see it. Send a picture of your work with a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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