What Are You Stitching?

28th August 2020

We’ve mentioned before how it seems a shame not to take your stitching out and show it off to the world once you’ve finished it. So, we’re thrilled to see how many people do just that by making their finished piece into a bag. Tote bags, evening bags, ballet-shoe bags – the options are endless. Combining the beautiful with the practical is something that makes our hearts just sing.

Louise Hoskins

‘I completed the project, Garnet from Inspirations issue #71 back in 2017. As I had a piece of red velvet fabric in my stash, I decided it would make a perfect bag using white threads.’

‘This put my personal slant on the pattern and, of course, means one less piece of fabric in my stash. I find the bag comes in very handy as an evening bag.’

What a beautiful and unique evening bag, Louise. It is very satisfying using up something from your stash although, if you’re like us, it won’t take long to refill that hole!

Audrey Bruno

‘Since finishing my nursing career, I have had more time to concentrate on my love of embroidery.’

‘This linen bag is my version of the bread bag Pane di Casa by Elisabetta Sforza from Inspirations issue #106.’

It looks just as good as a tote bag, Audrey and in some ways, even more versatile than the original.

Pat Armour

‘Here are two samples of the same design imagined with two different colour ways and with one minor change to turn a flower into a shamrock. I have used crewel wools for both and used the finished pieces to make into quilted bags.’

‘I was asked to do a couple of designs incorporating a treble clef. This is one of the results. I like to use my embroideries for more than cushions and pictures, hence the market bags which will go to friends.’

You have very lucky friends, Pat. I am sure they will all go shopping with pride after receiving one of these fabulous bags.

Kirsty Fulton

You might remember back in All Stitched Up! issue #241 we featured a photo of a treasure trove of stitched pieces which Kirsty found at a charity shop. Not only did Kirsty rescue them, but she’s now turned them into these gorgeous ballet-shoe bags.

‘It was lovely to see my finds featured in the Inspirations newsletter. I thought you might like to see what I have used the three little cross stitch pieces for.’

What a wonderful way for the hard work of stitchers of the past to be loved and appreciated by stitchers of the future.

Have you ever made bags out of a finished embroidery piece? Or are you devoted to turning your home into a wonderful gallery of framed pieces? Are there any other ways you like to display your work? Traditional or quirky, we’d love to see them. Send a picture of your stitching with a bit of information about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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