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14th August 2020

Hazel Blomkamp is a fan-favourite designer among readers. No matter how exquisitely complicated her designs and no matter how much stitching commitment they require, it seems you can’t get enough of her projects. And just look at the incredible results. We will never cease to be amazed at just how wonderful your finished Hazel projects are. Here are a few to swoon over…

Susan Cuss

‘I thought I would send in some photos of my latest finished piece: ‘A Sherry for Jack’ by Hazel Blomkamp on silk dupion. I love Hazel’s designs and had a lot of fun embroidering this piece.’

‘As I used only the supplies I had in my stash, some of the colours are not the same as the original. I also changed a few of the filling stitches. My old eyes had a bit of a problem with some of the fine details, even with my magnifying light. Hopefully, my new glasses will help with that!’

‘The finished piece is a bit larger than the original, too, shown above in a 12” hoop. I’m now looking forward to stitching another of Hazel’s wonderful designs. Hmmmm, which one will I choose?’

Well you have plenty of options, Susan! And no matter how quickly we stitch them, Hazel just keeps producing more and more designs. Well done for not allowing the fine details to beat you and producing such a fantastic result.

Mavis Brown

I have completed three of Hazel Blomkamp’s designs. They were a challenge but lots of fun to do. I learned a lot of techniques working them.’

‘Maureen the Owl was definitely a challenge!’

‘I got started on Hazel’s projects because I took her class at Beating Around the Bush in 2016. That opened my eyes to the endless possibilities both in my stitching skills and also in tweaking traditional designs.’

What an incredible series of finished pieces, Mavis. They might have been a challenge at the time, but the results speak for themselves.

Joan Clark

‘This is Maureen the Owl by Hazel Blomkamp. She took me months to do with a house move in the middle of it. I loved doing her for all of the challenges she posed. I had never done needleweaving before to this extent and had never made bead flowers.’

‘I did have problems with how to do some of the stitches. I emailed Hazel and she was so helpful. I really enjoyed doing Maureen and although it could never match up to Hazel’s work, she looks good on a white wall in my conservatory.’

‘I’d like to do another of Hazel’s embroideries from her Crewel Creatures book but I’ve not decided yet which one.

I just wish we could create more hours in the day. I wonder how many stitchers have said that?!’

Every stitcher we’ve ever spoken to, Joan! Maureen looks fabulous and when you have decided on the next project, we do hope you’ll send in some pictures.

Have you ever stitched one of Hazel’s designs? Or is there another designer you just love? Whoever you follow and whoever’s designs you stitch, we’d love to see your work. Send in your pictures and a bit of a story behind your piece to news@inspirationsstudios.com 

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