Ware Oh Ware to Begin?

29th January 2021

2020 was a strange year for lots of reasons, not the least of which was the erratic nature of how the supply of our basic necessities were affected.

No, we’re not talking about toilet paper and rice shortages, we’re talking about something far worse - needlework supply shortages!

We’re not sure how you found things, but here at Inspirations just trying to keep our online shelves stocked with wares and kits was a daily challenge with factories going in and out of lock down.

And then came the freight restrictions and the horrible delays in postal services. If you’re anything like us, keeping track of what you’ve ordered and what’s arrived vs still pending is a struggle!

Well, here’s the good news – we’re finally seeing some of the stock we ordered last year arriving and our online shelves looking more respectable. So, this week to help make your shopping efforts easier, we have prepared a mini online store visit with a selection of products curated especially for you, with everything on offer ready for immediate despatch.

Let’s begin in France with a range of needles and tape measures from the world-famous manufacturer Bohin.


Bohin Range

Now over to Japan to enjoy some exquisite Japanese craftsmanship and elegant styling with their bespoke leather tape measures and a collection of mini-scissors.



To round off our shopping trip let’s check out a selection of tools with everything from scissors, hoops, thread-winders and more.



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