Waiting for a Train

22nd February 2019

What do you do if you find yourself stuck on a delayed train? Do you furiously post diatribes on social media? Do you sigh loudly and share irritated looks with fellow passengers? Or do you turn that delay into something creative, like Claudia Weber.

Rather than get angry, Claudia got her knitting needles out and started a scarf. Each evening she’d come home and knit two rows in the colour that best described her journey.

Grey was within 5 minutes of the timetable, pink was within half an hour and red was for a severe delay.

The resulting scarf was sold on eBay for several thousand dollars, all of which Claudia donated to charity.

We often lament that we lack time to do everything we want, but Claudia shows us how you can turn lost time into something worthwhile. Delays are inevitable, so she’s already started a new scarf.

Claudia Weber’s ‘Rail Delay Scarf’ (source)

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