Violets & Strawberries by Margaret Light

4th June 2021

We live in a moment in history where, as the current generation of stitchers, we’re continually surrounded by incredibly innovative designers who are pushing the boundaries of embroidery and coming up with designs and subjects which most of us could barely have imagined. But that doesn’t mean the traditional has fallen by the wayside.

On the contrary, traditional subjects and techniques are just as popular as ever, and this week’s feature project displays that fact in all of its glory.

Many will be familiar with Margaret Light, who has been a leading needlework designer for years. Her output is prolific and her designs have always been very popular. Margaret’s ability to translate traditional motifs and styles into inspiring projects has been the secret of her success. It is no wonder her classes are highly sought after and all of her kits are hot sellers.

In this project, Violets & Strawberries from Inspirations issue #110, Margaret has produced two gorgeous needlerolls festooned with fruit, flowers and foliage. In her characteristic style, she’s used two highly traditional motifs – the strawberry and the violet – to decorate these must-stitch accessories.

If you think you’ve seen the strawberry depicted all over the place, you’d be absolutely correct. The strawberry has been a popular motif in embroidery and art since the Middle Ages. Historically, strawberries symbolised purity, passion and love, due to their perfect shape, rich red colour and vaguely heart-shaped appearance. 

As for the violet, it too has layers of meaning. It also has links to the Virgin Mary, often associated with her humble nature and her devotion. More generally, violets represent spiritual insight and modesty, but have most commonly been used to speak of love.

In this, both the strawberry and the violet share a symbolic meaning that is infused into Margaret’s subtle and elegant designs.

Both needlerolls are worked on sturdy twill that gives them a gorgeously rustic finish. The designs are stitched in both stranded and perlé silk threads that results in a magnificent shimmer.

Each needleroll is constructed using lining in a complementary colour – violet for the violets and red for the strawberries. Each has a place for needles, a cushion for pins and the violet roll has a handy scissor pocket for a pair of scissors, attached to the roll by a silk twisted cord.

For those of us who will have trouble deciding which of the two needlerolls is the loveliest, you’ll be pleased to know they are slightly different internally with only the violet roll featuring a scissor sheath, so you are well justified in reasoning that you will just have to make them both! 

Even if traditional subjects aren’t typically your focus, for this wonderful project you’ll want to make an exception. You’ll be following a long tradition of representing love by stitching these motifs. It doesn’t matter if it is love for another, love for your family or simply love for your art – it will be expressed perfectly in this project… and we’re also confident you’ll love the joy that you’ll gain out of stitching them.

Make Your Own Violets & Strawberries

Step 1 – Purchase Project Instructions

Violets & Strawberries by Margaret Light is two gorgeous needlerolls to keep your essential tools at your fingertips.

Printed Magazines

Inspirations Issue 110

Digital Patterns

Violets & Strawberries – i110 Digital

Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

The Inspirations Ready-To-Stitch kits for Violets & Strawberries include everything* you need to re-create these delightful needlerolls: Fabric (unprinted), interfacing, wadding, template plastic or thin card, button (Violets kit), emery, sewing & embroidery threads and needles.


Violets & Strawberries: Violets Needleroll – i110 Kit


Violets & Strawberries: Strawberries Needleroll – i110 Kit

*Please Note: To cater for flexibility of purchase, instructions are not included with our kits. For step-by-step directions on how to create this project, please refer to the digital/printed pattern.

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