Using Needlework to Normalise Normal Bodies

29th January 2021

It doesn’t seem to matter where we look, we’re bombarded with images of ‘perfect’ bodies. From social media to TV, movies, music videos and almost every form of advertising, we’re subtly told that this is what we ‘should’ look like.

Embroidery artist Madison Dier wanted to offer an alternative picture. She produces simple embroidered art which shows real bodies in a simplified and stunningly artistic form. Highlighting folds, scars, lumps and wrinkles, Dier represents real women in an effort to try to change what people think they ought to be.

She has called her series ‘Normalize Normal Bodies’, decorating each body with flowers in order to assure her audience that all bodies are deserving of adornment. Her project might seem small in the shadow of the media and advertising industries, but the message she offers is a powerful one which deserves to be heard.

You can read about Madison Dier in this recent article by Evelyn Nelson for The Spectator HERE or view more of her work at her website HERE.

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