18th October 2019

Have you ever hesitated to start a journey with needle and thread for lack of certainty in your abilities? Or maybe you’ve started a journey but found yourself unable to complete it as you paused when faced with a challenge you weren’t sure how to overcome.

We’ve all done it at one point or another – doubted ourselves and then stepped back from an opportunity that lay before us, but the solution may be easier than we all think – simply keep going!

‘She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.’

— Beau Taplin

After reading a post from Grit & Virtue we realized that when we think we can’t, or we hesitate because we’re afraid we might fail, we can silence those lies by just taking the next step forward, by being unstoppable and not falling into the temptation to hold back and pull away.

We were reminded that the limits we’ve put on ourselves are daring to be pushed and all we need to do is keep going no matter how we feel about the challenge that lies before us.

So, pick up your needle and thread and silence the lies that you don’t have what it takes to get through the project before you, by simply stitching your way through them!

We can’t wait to see what lies on the other side of your unstoppable…

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