14th September 2018

Our culture applauds what is produced or what can be measured; it applauds what can be seen.

And yet much of our lives, perhaps some of the most formative parts, aren’t seen and are therefore not applauded. This can make it easy to rush to what can be seen as we strive for the recognition we all long for on some level.

Yet it's the unseen moments that are spent thinking, developing or perfecting a process or product that warrant the applause because that's where much of the real work happens!

You may feel like you’re wasting your time collecting just the right supplies, transferring the design or placing foundation stitches that will be covered as your work progresses, but much of the end result depends on these tasks and how much time you’re willing to devote to them.

There’s a richness to be found in the unseen, the giving of ourselves to a task that will be applauded by no-one other than ourselves. Giving everything to this part of the process will ensure that what is seen is worthy of the applause it receives.

So, go on, indulge the richness of the unseen and see where it takes both your life and your stitching!

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