Udderly Smooth Cream

11th September 2020

You don’t normally associate rough skin and calloused fingers with a gentle art such as needlework, but most of us know that they are par for the course. 

How annoying is it when that beautiful silk thread catches on the rough patches of your fingers, or you pick up your fabric and find you’ve snagged a thread without even realising it?

The problem with most moisturising creams is that they’re greasy, so using them just before you pick up your stitching risks nasty stains on your work.

So, what do you do? Snag everything on the rough patches, or risk greasy patches for the sake of smooth skin? Fortunately, you no longer have to make that choice.

Udderly Smooth Moisturising Cream appears to have almost been specially made with embroiderers in mind. It smooths out your skin beautifully without leaving any greasy residue. 

Available in a convenient 4 oz (144g) tube which fits perfectly in your stitching bag, or a generous 12oz (340g) jar for that spot beside your favourite chair, Udderly Smooth helps make rough skin a thing of the past.

You might think that the name suggests it was originally formulated for cows – well, you’d be absolutely right! But it turns out that what’s good for the cows is just perfect for the stitcher.

We have tested it many times over right here at Inspirations HQ and we can safely say it’s fabulous – and with no cows required! Just gorgeously soft skin and smooth stitching with threads gliding through your fingers like butter. 

OK, we’re milking it now so we’ll moove on…


Udderly Smooth Moisturising Cream – Jar


Udderly Smooth Moisturising Cream – Tube

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