Two Yous

14th February 2020

Did you know there are two of you?

Neither did we until we considered the words penned by Ann Voskamp recently.

She unpacked the idea of the ‘short term you’ and the ‘long term you’, or in other words, the ‘immediate you’ and the ‘ultimate you’.

Ann talked about how the person we are now may not be the same as the person we’re longing to become.

For many of us, we’ve made New Year resolutions, chosen words we hope will guide us through the coming year or set a rhythm that will help us achieve what’s important to us, but sometimes the gap between the now us and the becoming us can seem almost insurmountable. 

Ann went onto challenge us to really think about our choices and whether they’re instantly gratifying the person we are today or whether they’re moving us toward the person we want to become, because in most instances, the choices we make that would honour each are rarely the same!

It might be hard to make the ‘right’ choice day in and day out, but it will absolutely be worth it. We just need to focus on what is going right and believe in the things that seem impossible now, as with every small step forward, we’re becoming the ultimate us.

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