Tulip Awls

27th August 2021

If you’ve ever seen a long, sharp, pointed tool in the embroidery kit of a friend and wondered what it could possibly be, let us reassure you that it is not a weapon! It is most likely an awl.

Fine Beading Awl – Pink

Awls are ideal if you are creating eyelets, or to make a neat hole in your fabric.

However, they also offer far more versatility than that.

For example, the fine point allows you to make a perfect knot that will sit snugly against a bead. They are also ideal tools for laying your thread flat or ensuring it doesn’t knot when you don’t want it too. Overall, an awl is an essential item.

Fine Beading Awl – Mint Green

We now have a range of fine awls in stock made by the master craftspeople at Tulip, including a beading awl in two different colours, mint green and pink, plus a medium size general purpose craft awl. Tulip awls come with a comfortable cushioned grip and a cover so that the sharp tip doesn’t put holes where you don’t want them – like your needlework bag for instance!

Craft Awl (Medium)

Complete your tool kit by purchasing your Tulip awl today… once you start using this clever tool, you won’t look back.


Tulip Craft Awl – Navy


Tulip Fine Beading Awl – Mint


Tulip Fine Beading Awl – Pink

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