Travel Hacks – Styling Up, Cutting whilst Airborne, The World is Calling…

19th May 2023

The work of William Morris includes some of the most iconic and best loved designs. Now you can travel in style with this gorgeous official Morris & Co passport holder and travel wallet.

Designed with both form and function in mind, these elegant yet durable accessories will keep all your travel documents safe and easily accessible.

The travel wallet features the enchanting William Morris Compton floral design and includes a removable coin purse, with the passport holder finished in the famous Strawberry Thief pattern. 

Together, they make a stunning pair or are equally beautiful on their own.

Now, while we’re on the subject of travel, Louise (@louiseannestitches on Instagram) contacted us in response to an article we wrote a few weeks ago promoting the Clover Thread Cutter.

Louise shared a great hack she uses when travelling: ‘the Clover thread cutter is great for stitching on a plane when you can’t take scissors’. Now that is a fantastic idea to help stitch the time away while travelling. 

Clover Thread Cutter Pendant – Antique Gold

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Stylish passport holder, tick. Gorgeous travel wallet, tick. Clover thread cutter for airborne stitching, tick. All we need now is a destination… lucky for us the World Needlework Convention is calling.

What will entice you the most; selecting from 28 of the world’s most talented needlework tutors, choosing from a collection of 82 stunning projects to stitch, or immersing yourself in the rich culture and fascinating events on offer as we gather in England together?

The World Needlework Convention… the ultimate event for any stitcher.

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