Tiny Knots

3rd May 2019

The French knot – a simple stitch hated by some, loved by many, and used by the artist who calls herself Ipnot to create tiny embroidered pizzas, miniature skaters and amazing three-dimensional diminutive creatures.

Ipnot is based in Japan, and although her name came from a childhood nickname, the sound of it sums up her work and her chosen stitch perfectly.

Miniature pizza (source)

Ipnot was introduced to embroidery by her grandmother and embraced it when she realized how enjoyable it was. Since she began, she has displayed all over Japan, as well as designed projects for the likes of DMC and National Geographic.

In true understatement, she says:

“ …it does not feel like work at all. Rather, it feels like a hobby since I am having fun.”

Mao Asada (source)

Ipnot, we’re having fun admiring all the amazing things you’ve created. In fact, you’ve inspired us to go and make something fabulous of our own, such is the contagious nature of needlework and the joy it brings.

To enjoy more of Ipnot’s work you can check out her website HERE and there is a fascinating interview you can watch on YouTube HERE. Just remember to click on the CC (Closed Caption) button to see the subtitles, unless you speak Japanese!

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