Time to Tool Up!

26th June 2020

Now that you’ve read all about how valuable needlework tools can be, you might be thinking ‘that all sounds great, but where can one purchase them?’ We’re glad you asked and we’re pleased to say you can get some of them mentioned above right here!


You can never have too many pairs of embroidery scissors, so these elegant black scissors are a must have. Made from hot forged steel and with a pin sharp point, they are ideal for cutting fine threads and trimming away ends.

If you’ve fallen in love with Hardanger after enjoying ‘Delicate Stitches’ from Inspirations issue #106, then a pair of stainless-steel scissors with an angled blade are just what you need!

The unusual shape has been engineered precisely to get to the hard to reach corners and the fine stainless-steel construction ensures a perfect, clean cut.


A smooth, gold-plated mellor is a perfect choice for the embroiderer wanting to try out this versatile tool. It’s compact, easy to hold and it won’t catch your threads when you are laying them.


This gorgeous pewter stiletto with an ornate handle and precision point will enable to you create holes and eyelets to perfection.

With so many new tools available on our website, we’ve added a special link below so you can browse our entire range all on one page. Happy shopping!

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