19th April 2019

Have you ever stopped to think about how ‘mind time’ and ‘clock time’ rarely keep pace with each other?!

They tend to flow at varying rates with chronological time moving at a steady, measurable rate while our perception of time shifts constantly often depending upon the activities we find ourselves engaged in at any given moment.

For the most part, the publishing schedule set for each issue of Inspirations Magazine passes at a steady, even rate but rarely does our mind time keep pace – deadlines seem to come about all too quickly whilst the wait for each new issue to arrive back from the printers seems to take forever!

Sometimes it feels like an eternity since we saw an advance copy of a magazine come across our desks for approval, but then suddenly the release of a new issue is all but upon us - and this is one such week.

It’s with much anticipation – and seemingly endless waiting – that we finally release Inspirations #102! This issue, aptly titled ‘Living Colour’ offers projects for all colour tastes – from the soft, monochromatic appeal of whitework and tulle embroidery through to the earthy apparel of a chipmunk and garden snail, the gentle shades of the garden, and the stunning vibrancy of birds and butterflies, both real and imagined.

We hope you enjoy the colourful fruit of our labours and from all of us here at Inspirations Studios we wish you all a blessed and peaceful Easter.

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