Tied in Knots

3rd November 2023

Back in Inspirations issue #103, Maria Rita Faleri designed the  project Tied in Knots, a trio of highly-textured Italian tassels made with linen threads.

These kits turned out to be incredibly popular and became somewhat of a collector’s item. Between the specialist thread used and the bespoke bead required, the materials were difficult to source.

As it so happens, our kit department has located enough materials to create just five limited edition Tied In Knots Turk's Head Tassel kits.

These kits include the exact same stunning ornate bead Maria originally used in her Turk’s Head Knot Tassel, which are incredibly rare.

Now, if you don’t end up getting your hands on one of the five kits, don’t fret! We did manage to purchase some 100% Italian linen yarn in a beautiful blue colour.

This speciality yarn is used in many of Maria’s knotted designs, so if you have her book on Italian tassels and are looking to source the linen thread, this is that which you seek!

Let’s re-cap…

If you’ve ever wanted to re-create Maria’s project Tied in Knots | Turk’s Knot Head Tassel, we’ve got five kits for you available HERE.

The instructions for the kits are in Inspirations magazine issue #103, or we have them available as both a printed pattern HERE and digital pattern HERE

The specialty thread is also available separately in 150m (164 yards) spools HERE.

Happy knotting!

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