The Netflix Logo in Yarn?

17th June 2022

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, digital technology has caused an explosion in creativity as the possibilities have expanded. Some projects take our breath away. Others are compelling, even if we’re not entirely sure why!

Using yarn, some filming equipment and a whole lot of creativity, Kevin Parry decided to recreate the Netflix introduction in stop motion animation. 

A pile of yarn balls, a lot of running around, and three days of work later… he did it.

Just like us, you may be asking a fairly important question. Why? Well, we guess that the answer is ‘why not’?

Does there have to be a reason or a purpose behind every piece of creative output? We recommend watching Kevin’s process as, above all, it looked like a whole lot of fun.

This might make us rethink when we start lamenting how long it takes us to finish our own projects. Three days’ work for three seconds of film puts into perspective the hours of work we put in for the years of pleasure we receive afterwards!

You can watch Kevin’s experiment HERE.

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