The Muncaster Bed Hanging

20th December 2019

Phillipa Turnbull is one of the world’s most talented designers of Jacobean Crewel embroidery. Her company is known for its exquisite re-creations of historic crewel embroideries, which they turn into kits for everyone to enjoy.

This year, Phillipa and her team have been working busily to create a project of a lifetime – the Muncaster Bed Hanging from Muncaster Castle in The Lake District.

A section of the original hanging (source)

Not for the faint of heart, the completed design measures 1.5 metres in height and a metre wide.

It is a project that… “requires its own storage solution” and will take “months or even years to finish.”

Not everyone would be brave enough to try it, but if you’re tempted, this incredible ‘monster kit’ is now available to purchase HERE for lovers of crewel embroidery and Phillipa’s work.

The team working on the project 

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