The Handpicked Collection

3rd March 2023

Did you know we have an entire collection of projects that are published exclusively under our Handpicked label?

Bumblebee by Trish Burr

With only so much room in our books and magazines, what happens when we have more designs than capacity?

We release a limited number of additional projects as part of our Handpicked range.

Each exquisite design included in our Handpicked collection is irresistible.

Created by incredibly talented designers, each project has its own vibrancy and intricacies. Ranging from flowers to footstools and bumblebees to bags, and spanning a variety of techniques, there’s something for everyone.

Fruit of the Vine by Maria Rita Faleri

Every Handpicked project is released individually as both a print and digital pattern complete with step-by-step instructions and close up photography, just as you would find for any other project in our books and magazine. 

Ready-to-Stitch kits for each design are also available, although they tend to sell out fast!

Mushroom Magic by Ana Mallah

Keep an eye out for advertisements in Inspirations magazine for each new Handpicked project as they are released, and click below to start your own personal Handpicked collection today.







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