The End Result

11th September 2020

When we hold a completed piece of stitching in our hands, it represents a lot more than just threads on fabric.

For one, it embodies time. From choosing the pattern, gathering the just-right supplies, right through to the countless moments taken to lay each stitch, the completed piece holds within it immeasurable hours.

Beyond time, the work completed with needle and thread is also a symbol of talent. Each stitch laid is a reminder of what we’re capable of and how far we’ve come since first picking up needle and thread. In this way, each completed piece is somewhat of a time capsule that acts as a record of what we were creating at any given time throughout our stitching journey. 

And somewhere between the warp and weft of the fabric, our passion for all things needle and thread is held as tightly as the stitches themselves.

The wonder of stitching is that when we allow ourselves to be lost in the meditative push and pull of needle and thread, we somehow find a truer version of ourselves and that is what is captured with each stitch we lay.

So next time we look at what we’ve created with needle and thread and find the end result falls short of our expectations, we need to take a moment to see that our stitching also holds within it our time, talent and passion and that way we’ll always be pleased with what lays before us.

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