The Car of the Future is Hand Stitched…

13th September 2019

London based atelier to the Royals has added another fancy feather to their cap.

The supreme skills of Hand & Lock were called upon by none other than the world’s most prestigious automotive brand, Bentley, to assist them in creating a car of the future.

To celebrate 100 years to the day they were founded, Bentley revealed their new concept car with an interior that features hand stitched elements created using the traditional embroidery techniques of ‘Trapunto’, dating back to the 14th Century.

The raised quilting adds depth and comfort to the interior, an innovative fusion of materials, where traditional craftsmen collaborated to experiment with techniques to create a modern look.

Yet again we are delighted to see our beloved artform of needlework on the world stage in such an exciting application. You can read more about this amazing project by Hand & Lock on their website HERE.

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